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Before The Dawn – Kate Bush

Music, theatre, film, imagination, puppetry, mime, dance, art…. All of these elements conspired to make Kate Bush’s show unforgettable. In a world used to complex special effects, the relatively simple use of lighting, sound, costume and devices such as rippling sheets was more powerful than I might have believed possible. The warmth and charm of Kate Bush along with her wonderful voice drew all these elements together to dazzling effect.



Promotional still from Before the Dawn

I bought tickets for Steve’s birthday – he was the fan and all I knew was that I liked some of the hits such as Wuthering Heights that any casual listener to music might have encountered. I was prepared to be a little bored but in the end I was mesmerised and even the 1hr+ delayed start due to a technical fault did not diminish this (although note to Eventim – your communication skills could be vastly improved).

I have been to plays, musicals, opera, gigs large and small but this easily ranks in the top 3 live shows I have ever seen. Future events will have to work harder – Kate Bush has raised the bar to new heights.

Me at Kate Bush


Me outside the Hammersmith Apollo



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