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Vancouver – part 1 – the non-Vancouver bits

Steve and I are just back from 9 days in Vancouver and I still can’t believe how great a time we had. Over the past 4 years that we’ve been together, we’ve come to know what works for us and this was the first time we’d put all of that into practice, so first of all, here are the non-Vancouver elements that made this such a great trip:

  1. A direct flight. We could have taken an internal transfer flight from Manchester to Heathrow but in the end chose to take the train. After a disastrous two-legged flight via Paris en route to Buenos Aires a couple of years ago, we resolved to avoid this (and Air France) wherever possible.
  2. One site. Some couples thrive on moving from site to site, spending 1 or 2 nights in each place and ticking off lots of things they have seen along the way. Not us. We are both home bodies who happen to like to travel and so creating a home from home in the places we visit works well and avoids the (for us) stressful business of constantly packing and unpacking. It also allows us to explore a new area and get to find those hidden gems that a quick dash through would miss.
  3. An apartment. Cheaper than a hotel room, more space than a hotel room and cooking facilities so that you can have a takeaway or rustle up something from those fantastic ingredients you find at the local market.
  4. Not too long, not too short. Actually in the end we loved Vancouver so much that 9 days was a little short, but for a holiday a week or less doesn’t give you time to unwind and get into the swing of things and 2 weeks or more can feel a bit unfocussed and in need of a project!

I used to think that it was a bit uncool to get stressed by travel but the thing is everyone finds travelling stressful, the key is to reduce the bits you find especially stressful and accept the rest as part of the experience. Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is part of what can make holidays/travelling so exhilarating – I just quite like having a mobile comfort zone to come back to each night  🙂

Of course a huge contributor to the success of the holiday was Vancouver itself – more on that in part 2


Inukshuk, English Bay, Vancouver (it is called ‘Ilanaaq’, the Inuktitut interpretation for the word ‘friend’)



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