….but we are all fabulous.

2 steps forward….

1 step back… Fitness progress post – end of week 3 Well 3 weeks in and the news is mixed. The good news – 3 weeks of increased exercise and … Continue reading

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Anxiety and a book by Matt Haig

I have just read a very good book – much talked about currently: Reasons to Stay Alive by Matt Haig. It is a blend of his account of experiencing depression and … Continue reading

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Fitness and wellbeing campaign

Over the past few months and years I have increasingly noticed various niggling aches and pains, vague stomach and digestive problems, being prone to anxious thoughts when I’m out of … Continue reading

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Writing progress (part 2)

Last week I managed to write 4,354 words. I also managed to get some exercise most days and to lose a pound in weight. This week my main goal was … Continue reading

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Writing progress (part 1)

With 2 weeks blocked out to write a book chapter, I decided to start the Runners World “Run your belly off” (RYBO) programme too – the idea being that I … Continue reading

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How to find time to write?

Teaching finished for Easter on Friday and I have earmarked 2 clear weeks of this Easter vacation to sit and write an 18,000 word book chapter which I had been … Continue reading

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Blogs and other things

Apart from not managing to find time to blog recently, another thing that sets me apart from many in the blogging community is that I have not yet explored many … Continue reading

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