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Mindfulness and false memories

I was lucky enough to go to the Psychonomic Society’s 55th Annual Meeting in Long Beach, California last week. I was there presenting a poster (shout out to Pete at … Continue reading

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Harriet Kelsall and a Fairtrade engagement ring

As regular readers will know, I am all in favour of promoting women and their concerns whether they are women in academia, women’s health issues or women in art. Women … Continue reading

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PhotoFit – Giles Revell

Further to my previous post about asking the students to create a PhotoFit composite of my face, I just wanted to mention the artist Giles Revell, who in 2007, together … Continue reading

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Eyewitness mis(s)identification

I teach a module on eyewitness testimony and in preparation for the lecture on eyewitness identification, I ask the students to send me a composite picture of me using the … Continue reading

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Vancouver – part 2 – the Vancouver bits

Where to start? As I wrote in some of my postcards, it has great scenery, great wildlife, great art, great food, great people and a great atmosphere. It is no … Continue reading

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Before The Dawn – Kate Bush

Music, theatre, film, imagination, puppetry, mime, dance, art…. All of these elements conspired to make Kate Bush’s show unforgettable. In a world used to complex special effects, the relatively simple use of … Continue reading

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Vancouver – part 1 – the non-Vancouver bits

Steve and I are just back from 9 days in Vancouver and I still can’t believe how great a time we had. Over the past 4 years that we’ve been … Continue reading

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