….but we are all fabulous.

Janathon 2017

Happy New Year to you all and hello again after a 4 month break during which I went on honeymoon, got swamped at work and generally got out of the habit of blogging. I’m picking it up again so let’s see how that goes.

One thing that has got me back on here is realising the power of the internet to motivate – I have harnessed this in several ways over the past 2/3 years – to get a book chapter written by blogging my daily word count, by cutting down on alcohol by posting on Hello Sunday Morning and right now to get me out exercising everyday in January by posting my activity every day on the Janathon Facebook page.


I have been out for a walk every day so far this year and over 4 days have racked up 9.84 miles. I have a gym session, yoga and another walk planned for Friday, Saturday and Sunday but tomorrow I am off to see my in-laws for the day. And this is how I know it’s working – I am contemplating getting up early (for me… not for parents or people with jobs that take them out of their houses) to fit in a short burst of exercise so as to not break my streak so far!

My natural competitiveness, combined with the accountability of posting online and a sense of community, albeit virtual, is very effective for me.

Now back to book chapter number 2, where I am up to 5764 words and counting….




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