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New Year’s Resolutions 2016

I like making New Year’s resolutions, although they are more akin this year to ideas and suggestions for the year ahead rather than rigid rules. Every year I count up my exercise and alcohol and weight and work stats (publications, grants etc.). I compare them to last year’s stats and I use that as the starting point for thinking about how I want my new year to look. This year the process has been further informed by the things I have learned and thought about on our 11 week trip to Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.


I started brainstorming in my journal about all the things I’d like to incorporate into my life and then tried to distil all this into a general overarching goal with specific sub goals and actions to advance the main one.

So my overall goal, much like that of many other people I imagine is to aim for:

Improved health and wellbeing in mind, body and spirit

Breaking that down as follows:


  • Declutter my home and office
  • Work during more focussed hours (currently I will work from 9-9 if at home but increasingly less effectively) and do not work so much in evenings and weekends
  • Increase quality of journals I publish in
  • Join Tate and visit exhibitions more regularly
  • Continue art class


  • I have signed up for 2x 10km runs – 1 in March and 1 in July so…
  • 3 x runs per week, 1 yoga class and 1 pump (weights class)
  • Regular sports massage
  • Tummy-friendly diet (fewer carbs, less sugar, less wine – at least 4 days alcohol free per week)
  • Try a standing desk


  • I start an 8 week Breathworks mindfulness course in January
  • Signed up for a weekend Loving Kindness meditation retreat in July
  • Continue meditating and yoga class
  • Reduce social media (aiming for a one day a week check in rather than daily or hourly!)
  • Connected gadget ban after 8pm (mobile phones, computers etc.)
  • Plant a vegetable patch in garden


This may sound a bit me, me, me, but I think I’ll be a better partner, daughter, friend, colleague and citizen if I take a bit better care of myself. Basically I’d like to keep things simple and make more mindful choices in everything I do, let’s see how I get on!


Happy New Year!



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