….but we are all fabulous.


Since my last post, we’ve spent Christmas in a lovely bach in Wellington, stayed a couple of nights in Napier and we’re now in Rotorua before heading to Auckland for New Year’s Eve, so I’m due a few catch up posts.

Just a quick one about Wellington first of all. We only really scratched the surface of the city in the end – I had a productive work meeting and went shopping one day on Willis Street and the other we visited the Te Papa museum and art gallery which was great although heaving with pre-Christmas family groups. My impression is that it’s a small but delightful city which would repay revisiting and seemed to have a nice vibe in the centre.


Modern Maori meeting house in Te Papa Museum

The most wonderful thing about our week long stay however was actually taking a break from city life and relaxing in our bach which was in Lyall Bay and a 1 minute walk from a lovely sandy beach and a short drive from spectacular scenery.


Our end of Lyall Bay

Lyall Bay is renowned for surfing and with good reason, it was certainly very wavy and windy! What we loved was the sandy beach where you could walk into the sea in bare feet without fear (I had a bad sea urchin experience in Spain once!) although the water was bracingly cold and we performed what could best be called wave jumping rather than actual swimming!

We also loved the glorious coastal sea walk we took further round the coast – just a 5 minute drive from our house.

Views from our coastal walk

Nature had its customary renewing effect and enabled us to relax into the holiday portion of our trip.


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