….but we are all fabulous.


The next stop on our 3 month adventure has been in Auckland. We’re based here for 3 weeks and 2 of those have already flown past. As with the rest of the trip we are working while here and taking the odd day off here and there for sightseeing. So far we have been up the Sky Tower:


taken a harbour cruise:


climbed Rangitoto:


and paid a brief visit to the Art Museum:


Not one of these experiences has disappointed! I am really enjoying my first visit to New Zealand and already I am planning to make a return visit to see more of the country (we are focussing on the North Island on this trip).

It must be frustrating to New Zealanders but since Auckland is probably the next stop for many people after Sydney, I imagine there are a few comparisons made. My OH and I have been having the hypothetical ‘would you rather live in Sydney or Auckland’ discussion. The jury is still out but there are certainly plenty of things to recommend Auckland, here are a few of them:

  • It is quite a small city and very easy to get around on foot.
  • The weather is mild and sunny but without the extremes that mean you have to stay indoors sometimes (although the UV is very high).
  • People are generally friendly.
  • You can be out in beautiful scenery communing with nature in no time at all.
  • You can commune with nature without the fear that it will kill you!
  • According to colleagues I have met here, the work-life balance is better – working part time to be able to go sailing is not unusual.
  • If you like birdlife or plant life, NZ is amazing.


A tree in Western Park


  • The sightseeing is not especially plentiful but what there is is pretty special.
  • The produce in the supermarkets is fantastic – with a real emphasis on local and ecologically friendly goods for obvious reasons.
  • There are lots of thoughtful details in the city which you could easily overlook. There is a bridge on my way to work which has a couple of spyholes cut in it so you can see the sculptures in the valley below. The sculptures symbolise the passage of time and a journey of release…

The next stop on our North Island trip is Wellington which we will reach via the scenic train. I can’t wait to explore more of this beautiful country.







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