….but we are all fabulous.

Sculpture by the Sea

On Wednesday we went to Sculpture by the Sea – a glorious temporary sculpture trail consisting of 107 sculptures sited between Bondi Beach and Tamarama Beach.

The event takes place every year – this is its 19th incarnation and we spent several hours meandering along the trail and taking lots of pictures of the very varied sculptures against their magnificent backdrop.

I won’t post all 107 of them here, but here are a few of my favourites:


Mike Van Dam, Intervention, 2014

“In the early 70’s there were estimated to be fewer than 200 humpback whales left. Now, with help from us there are more than 20,000.” (Text from catalogue)


Ben Fasham, BJF13


Jimmy Rix, Troubled Youth (part of the “Roo Shooter” series)


Michael Purdy, Kings and Queens


Matthew Asimakis, Clarence Lee and Caitlin Roseby, Half Gate


Fabio Pietrantonio, Quotidianity “the brothers”, 2013


Seung Hwan Kim, Meditation 2015 #1

This was about coexistence and harmonious advancement among people but reminded both of us of a stag.


Sandra Pitkin, Keep safe/keepsake

The event is on until 8th November and the website is: If you’re in Sydney it’s well worth a visit.


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