….but we are all fabulous.

Sydney in the springtime

There’s a lot of talk about Paris in the spring but Sydney is rather wonderful too. Beautiful Jacaranda trees and their purple blooms and glorious sunny but not-too-hot days.


Jacaranda tree in Sydney

We arrived yesterday and are in the process of orienting ourselves. We are fortunate enough to be in an apartment overlooking the water in North Sydney and already we are wondering whether we can relocate to somewhere with water views back home. It’s wonderfully relaxing to watch the water and boats and to hear the flapping of sails and clinking of the ropes. Yet at the same time there is always something happening and there’s a sense of possibility.

IMG_3606 IMG_3587

Boat views near our apartment

Something about Sydney just makes me happy – I felt it on my last brief visit 9 years ago, in the middle of their winter and I felt it within minutes of landing on this trip too. There is something about the abundant plump fruit and vegetables, the pancake and banana breakfasts in sidewalk cafes, the laid back friendliness of Sydney people, the outdoor sporting activity all around, the sunshine and temperatures, the familiar skyline and landmarks, the colours and fragrance of the plants, the importance of the harbour and the vague hippy feel to the place that is very uplifting. I’d love to bottle whatever it is and sprinkle it on the grey drizzly days in England that sap my energy and make it a little bit harder to get motivated.

IMG_3590 IMG_3592

The Opera house, Central Business District and Harbour Bridge from North Sydney

Don’t get me wrong, there is lots that I love about the UK – I love the changing of the seasons, the different smells that are associated with each one, cold crisp winter days, sunny autumn leaf days, hint-of-spring crocus days and the burst-of-summer days that come and go and tantalise with their unpredictability. But it is nice too be able to rely on sunshine, to not be tensed against the cold or dressing for all eventualities (layers, layers, layers!). Of course there are the flies, which are annoying, but so far they seem a small price to pay.





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