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Our big trip 2015 – the final countdown

My OH and I are fortunate enough to be academics who even more fortunately both have coinciding periods of research time for the rest of 2015. We are taking this opportunity to spend some time out of the country – making new and renewing existing research contacts, developing research collaborations and maybe taking the odd photo along the way… so where are we going?

We’re off to Singapore (1 week), Australia (5 weeks) and finally New Zealand (5 weeks).

world-political-map-2000px ,arked

After all the planning earlier in the year – booking flights and accommodation and making contact with academics in each country, there was a hiatus where it all seemed a bit like a dream. It has started to seem more real over the last few weeks which have gradually got more hectic as we approach departure date – organising medical bits and pieces – vaccinations, copies of prescriptions etc, organising insurance and tenants and mail redirection and a groovy new SIM card that enables us to receive and make calls from Australia and New Zealand at the same cost as if we were in the UK, having final meetings with students and colleagues in the UK, and in my case completing work on 2 grant applications whose submission deadlines coincide with departure and trying to revise a book chapter. As if this weren’t enough, we’re getting married next August and a quick courtesy call to our venue to check there was nothing that couldn’t wait until January led to emergency florist visits of all things!

Oh yes and the hard drive on my laptop died…

Florist booked, replacement laptop arranged, itinerary sent to parents, packing and house cleaning underway and we’re in the final countdown to departure…

Next post from Singapore!


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