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A few days in Barcelona

Mum and I recently enjoyed a packed few days in Barcelona. We rented an apartment which always works well for us – plenty of space for hanging out in, the facilities to store and prepare our own food and separate bedrooms for less than the price of 2 hotel rooms. On this occasion, our apartment was in a block which was literally a stone’s throw from the unfinished Gaudi masterpiece that is the Sagrada Familia.


Sagrada Familia – view from the roof terrace of our apartment block.

The last time I was in Barcelona (2001/2) it had more of the feel of a building site and I certainly don’t remember the wonderful effect of early evening sunlight filtered through stunning stained glass.


Stained glass windows and reflections in Sagrada Familia

It is hard to avoid Gaudi’s work whilst in Barcelona but we actively sought it out and revelled in the glorious rolling shapes, alien chimneys and vivid colours that make his work so distinctive.


Roof of La Pedrera    

IMG_3280 Stairwell at La Pedrera

A highlight of the trip was to the fantastical Park Guell.

IMG_3297 IMG_3336

Views of Park Guell

There are plenty of other sights to absorb in Barcelona: the Miro Foundation, the sea, the wonderful La Boqueria market, La Rambla and the lush vegetation on Montjuic to name but a few.

IMG_2934  IMG_2986IMG_3191

The only downside to our trip was that we both came back almost overwhelmed trying to process all we had seen and I look forward to returning and slowing the pace down to absorb more of this vibrant city.


2 comments on “A few days in Barcelona

  1. Wow…Sagrada Familia looks amazing with the sunlight streaming through!

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