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Fitness update – week 7

In my last post I set myself some goals for the week as follows:

  1. Go swimming at least once (haven’t been for at least a year probably)

This I managed and really enjoyed. I just did 20 lengths (it’s a 25m pool) and it took me 22 mins. I swim breast stroke, interspersed every 9 or so lengths with a length of backstroke to unkink my neck. I’d really like to build up my front crawl – I can just about manage one length but I then have to recover for some time! I’m now going to start building up number of lengths and front crawl stamina.

My intention is to try to swim at least once a week. My motivation is this:

Sydney pool

Picture from

We will be staying in Sydney for 5 weeks later this year and the flat we are renting will be about a 15min walk from here so we are planning to swim quite regularly and it would be nice to not be rusty…

  1. If possible go to yoga at least once

I am pleased to say I also managed this. I really like the class I have found and I am glad I go by the end of the class but somehow, I never look forward to it. Planning on going again this week, my neck always feels great afterwards and I’d like to be more flexible with more strength too.

  1. Do something active (walking, yoga, swim) for at least half an hour every day

I managed 5 days which wasn’t too bad. Friday got derailed because I was preparing for media coverage of some research I’ve done, including a pre-record of a snippet for TV.

  1. Meditate on at least 5 days

Well I managed 4 days which was an improvement on the previous week. With the exception of yoga and a new meditation class I am planning to go to this week, the trick is definitely to do it before the rest of my day starts. If I allow myself to do anything else first, it goes out of the window.

Here’s what the stats look like:

w/c 7th June 2015

  Meditate (mins) Exercise (type & mins) Alcohol (units) Weight
End of last week 12’11
Sunday Walk (80 min) 0 12’11
Monday Walk/run (4 walk, 2 run x 5, 7 walk) (37 min) 0 12’12 (36.6)
Tuesday 15 mins Swim (20 lengths, 22min) 0 12’11 (36.5)
Wednesday 15 mins 0 12’11
Thursday Yoga (10 mins) Yoga (1 hour) 0 12’11 (36.0)
Friday 0
Saturday 20 mins Walk/run (4 walk, 2 run x 5, 7 walk) (37 min) 0 12’11 (36.6)
End of week 4/7 5/7 (214 min) 0 units 0 change

So, not a bad week health-wise and I’m starting to enjoy the longer term benefits of a few weeks being alcohol free too – I feel calmer and I look healthier as well. For the coming week, I’m planning more of the same: 1 session of yoga, 1 of swimming, meditation on 5 days etc. I’m also planning to have a week of meat-free eating as I am currently thinking about pescetarianism/vegetarianism…

Wishing you all a happy and healthy week!


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