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Fitness update – end of week 6

Hmmm, well I’m not sure how much fitness has been achieved this week. The colonoscopy was on Wednesday and although it went ok, I must admit I was very nervous beforehand and hyper-vigilant of any aches and pains afterwards. I suspect I’m still holding quite a bit of tension in my body and my stomach has odd twinges, which it mostly had before but of course attending to them doesn’t help! I am seeing my osteopath on Thursday and looking forward to getting rid of some of this! I did enjoy a very lazy weekend being looked after by my mum which helped (thanks Mum!).

Below are my week’s stats. The colonoscopy prep (laxative for anyone who doesn’t know what I’m referring to) did its job weight-wise, at least temporarily. Definitely don’t recommend it as a weight-loss strategy – it makes you feel tired and wrung out. I assume my stomach’s flora and fauna took a hit too, so hoping it will right itself over the next few days and we’ll see where my weight settles..

It’s been a lovely late spring/early summer day here – fabulous, but it is making me crave a glass of wine. I’d like to have a bit more of a break however, so I’m settling for elderflower cordial for now.


w/c 31st May 2015

  Meditate (mins) Exercise (type & mins) Alcohol (units) Weight
End of last week 12’12
Sunday Walk (75 min) 0
Monday 0
Tuesday 15 mins Colonoscopy prep 0
Wednesday 10 mins Colonoscopy 0 12’10
Thursday Walk (45 min) 0 12’9
Friday 0
Saturday Walk (25 min) 0 12’11
End of week 2/7 3/7 (145 min) 0 units -1 (total lost 4″)

I can’t help feeling there needs to be more fitness in this fitness programme! So this week I have the following goals:

1. Go swimming at least once (haven’t been for at least a year probably)

2. If possible go to yoga at least once

3. Do something active (walking, yoga, swim) for at least half an hour every day

4. Meditate on at least 5 days

Wishing you all a very happy week!


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