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Writing progress (part 2)

Last week I managed to write 4,354 words. I also managed to get some exercise most days and to lose a pound in weight.

This week my main goal was to have a draft chapter that was good enough to submit by today. The total word count I was aiming for was 18,000 words. In the end I realised this was not going to happen without more serious delay (after a few days away, it’s back to teaching and the marking bombardment that lasts from April until exam boards in late May). So, I decided to send whatever I had written by today.


I’m relieved to say that I have managed a ~13,000 word first draft! I have just pressed send and after I have posted this, I am looking forward to a few days away from my computer.

Here’s how I did it:

  Meditation Weight Exercise Word count
  13’0”, 37.2% fat (before week started) 8,031 (already written)
Sunday Yes 13’0” (37.0%) 90 mins walk Goal: 9,600

Decided to take day off – sat at computer in AM and couldn’t write

Monday No 13’1” Ran out of time Revised goal: 10,000

1,446 words.

New total: 9,477

Tuesday No 13’1” 75 min walk Revised goal: 11,000

1,454 words

New total: 10,931

Wednesday Yes 13’1” No time Goal: 13,000

1,100 words

+ 400 discarded words L

New total: 12,031

Thursday No 13’1” No time Goal: 13,000

680 words + references

New total: 12,711

TOTALS FOR THIS WEEK 2 sessions 13’1” 165 mins walk

0 mins run



Lessons learned:

To add to last week’s lessons, I now know that more than 1500 words on new material a day is completely unrealistic. A better aim might be 800-1000 words. My brain can’t keep going day after day – it needs down time in the form of decent evenings off, breaks with fresh air and ideally no more than 3 days consecutive writing. I need chocolate and wine (although not an excess of either) to be able to write day after day – chocolate as a mid-afternoon pick me up (I don’t drink caffeine) and a glass of wine as a quick wind down treat to look forward to. This is not especially conducive to weight loss, but that was not the main aim of the week so that’s fine – at least I haven’t gained weight over the last two weeks!

My next 18,000 word chapter is due in a few months and to write it, I am planning the following:

18,000/1000 (words per day) = 18 days, with no more than 3 consecutive writing days = 24 days = 3.5 weeks blocked out.


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