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Writing progress (part 1)

With 2 weeks blocked out to write a book chapter, I decided to start the Runners World “Run your belly off” (RYBO) programme too – the idea being that I would need to balance sitting at my desk every day with some activity. I also thought I’d throw in some extra healthy eating and stocked up on some yummy M&S salads so I’d have no excuses. While I was at it I decided I’d also try and meditate each morning….

Slow progress is progress

I didn’t start RYBO at the start as I do run a bit usually but I’m out of the habit and need to ease back in, so I started at stage 5 of their 12 stage (or week) plan, which involves 2.5 minutes of walking interspersed with 5 minutes of running repeated 4 times and finishing off with 3 minutes walking. You’re supposed to do this 3 or 4 times before moving to stage 6 which involves 3 sets of 3 minutes walking and 7 minutes running ending with 3 minutes walking.

Here’s how week 1 went:

  Meditate Weight Exercise Word count
  13’1” (before week started) (37.8% fat) 3,677 (already written)
Sunday No 13’0” 2.5 mins walk/5 mins run x 4, finished with 3 mins walk

Soaked in torrential downpour!

Started late (7pm) – getting head back into it.

122 words

New total: 3,799

Monday Yes 13’0” (37.1% fat) 2.5 mins walk/5 mins run x 4, finished with 3 mins walk Goal: 5,000

1,155 words

New total: 4,954

Tuesday No 13’1” (37.5% fat) Too windy Goal, 6,000

1,056 words

New total: 6,010

Wednesday Partial Out and about Other work
Thursday No 13’0” (36.9%) 2.5 mins walk/5 mins run x 4, finished with 3 mins walk

+ extra 7 minutes walking at start and end due to location

Goal 7,500

Actual: 0 – day went off course with unexpected wedding planning

Friday No 13’0” (37.4%) 30 min walk Revised goal 7500

421 words

New total: 6,431

(& 300 words on next ch)

Saturday Yes 13’0” (37.2%) 90 minute walk Revised goal 8000

1,600 words

New total: 8,031

TOTALS FOR WEEK 2 and a bit sessions 13’0” (37.2 % fat) 166 mins walking

60 mins running

4,354 words

(& 300 on ch2)

8,031 total

A few things I’ve learnt: having a daily goal word count to work towards is very effective. I drafted this blog piece at the start of the week and wrote in my goal totals at the start of the week. Knowing I wanted to post this blog also helped to make me feel accountable. Checking my email definitely DID NOT help – ditto the news, Facebook, Twitter, online shopping etc. If it hadn’t been for needing internet access to research the chapter, I might have got my OH to disable it! Getting a decent number of words under my belt in the morning also set me up for the day. It’s also not great to be quite this up against it – while Wednesday was a planned day doing other things, Thursday was derailed for reasons largely outwith my control and had a knock on effect on productivity on Friday. There needs to be a balance between the pressure being on but also wiggle room for unforeseen events.

Anyway, I now need to put all that into action over the next few days as I need to have a decent first draft to submit by Thursday, so look out for my next post!


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