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Mindfulness and false memories

I was lucky enough to go to the Psychonomic Society’s 55th Annual Meeting in Long Beach, California last week. I was there presenting a poster (shout out to Pete at the excellent Scienceposters – – who printed my fabric poster, thus saving me from carrying a rolled paper poster in a 2 foot long cardboard tube on a long haul flight). At some conferences this is seen as almost a consolation prize and indeed academics can find it hard to get funding from their universities to support presenting a poster rather than an oral presentation.

Psychonomic Poster 2014 (mindfulness) FINAL

At Psychonomics it’s rather different – posters are in the majority – this year there were 299 talks and 1000 posters. For me it was a wonderful opportunity to talk to other academics about my work face to face. A talk can be nerve wracking, only lasts around 15 minutes and is usually followed by only 2/3 questions. By contrast, poster presenters were standing by their posters for 1.5 hours and I was talking to a variety of people about my work for most of that time. This gave me the opportunity to explain the rationale, clarify design issues, talk through the findings and generally explore issues that will help me to develop future research.

This was my first Psychonomics conference, but I will definitely be back!


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