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Taking care – a reminder for when things get difficult


This is a post to my future self – my future self who will emerge, as previous selves have done at certain times throughout the year: when the marking load gets intense, so that I am marking all day every day for as far as the eye can see; when winter has been around for a few months and everything is a bit too much of an effort; when I have scheduled too many things into my diary because I ‘should’ rather than because I want to…


Ophelia (1851-2) John Everett Millais

For those future selves, here is a reminder that all of those strategies I work on and develop the rest of the time, to keep my mind and body healthy, which melt away when the going gets tough, really do work.

1. Exercise – even walking home from work, or a walk round the block can help clear your head and get things into perspective
2. Wine and chocolate feel like the things you want to reach for at the end of the day, and that’s fine… in moderation. Make sure you have a few nights off as well
3. Sometimes what you need is to climb into bed for an early night with a book or magazine
4. Take a few minutes to meditate and centre yourself – or at the very least to breath – try the 3 minute breathing meditation
5. Sandwiches are fast and easy but make you feel grotty – soup, a jacket potato or salad are better
6. Don’t compare yourself with your peers – you don’t know what they’re going through
7. It’s ok to say no to other people and occasionally to cancel things if you’re overloaded
8. Watch 30 minutes of something funny – Michael McIntyre is a good start
9. Stop putting yourself down, worrying about what you aren’t getting done and see the bigger picture
10. Remember to be gentle with yourself
11. Switch off your mobile phone, don’t spend hours in front of the computer and Candy Crush Saga at bedtime is not relaxing!
12. Avoid toxic people and if you can’t avoid them see number 4.


Remember “this too shall pass”.


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