….but we are all fabulous.


I keep an intermittent journal and the same themes keep appearing – a desire for balance and harmony in life. We all know the things we should be doing:

Eating our five (preferably more) a day, not smoking, not drinking too much, exercising for 30 mins 5x per week, keeping a healthy weight, making sure we get outside to commune with nature, keeping away from toxic people, maintaining hobbies, managing a work-life balance so that you have quality time with work, your partner, friends, kids, yourself….

I don’t have the children bit to worry about, so in theory I should have ample time to manage all of the above, but what tends to happen is that a) work expands to fill whatever time I have and b) I write ‘to do’ lists, not only of my work jobs but also my non-work jobs, so that everything becomes another thing I have to do – and another thing I can ‘fail’ at. So, despite having a lovely life, I end up stressed… and even potential solutions – meditating, yoga etc. end up as another time pressure.

For the past few days, I have had to abandon the to do list – or at least move it so that it’s not in my constant line of vision because I was getting less and less productive despite working more and more. I have been coming home from work in the daylight and not working in the evening, and today, have done no work at all (it’s a Saturday, but it’s rare).

I think I need to just be for a while, and figure out a gentler way to go through life, with focus on beauty and pleasure rather than just shoulds and oughts. Less goal focused and more journey focused.

I’d quite like to pay more attention to this neglected blog too!


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