….but we are all fabulous.

Getting the balance right

The title of this post could easily be one of my key goals in life and it certainly applies to this blog and website. As I’m starting out, I have a vague idea of what I’m trying to do, but I can already see that it will take a while to evolve and for me to find my voice. The balance I mention in the title refers partly here to trying to avoid being too self absorbed and making sure everything has some external interest as well – I suspect there will be some heavy editing in future!

Without sounding too ‘SATC’, I do believe that all women are fabulous. However, sometimes it feels as if (to misquote Orwell) “all women are equal but some women are more equal than others”. This is true on so many levels – worldwide there are shocking disparities in quality of life for example. But even closer to home, women who are “too old” or who don’t have children and therefore (as one respondent in a questionnaire wrote) “aren’t fulfilling their role in life” can feel as if they are overlooked or marginalised.

Anyway, we will see where this blog goes. If anyone’s reading, your comments or observations are welcome….


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